Thursday, September 10, 2015

PAP Is Facing Tough Challenge Just Like BN Had Faced Before-An Adaptation Article

In Malaysia, politics is 24/7.  Here, it is much less so, but it goes into overdrive for about two weeks every 4-5 years when GE is called.  PAP leaders are better at governing than campaigning, whereas Workers Party and SDP's Chee Soon Juan excel in it.

Looks like WP will keep what they have.  And they might get East Coast GRC and Fengshan (single seat).  Chee Soon Juan's SDP might win Holland-Bukit Timah GRC but probably less likely than East Coast.  According to our bookies :p

Funny thing is, both GRCs have a significant percentage of rich and upper middle class voters living in private property.  Some have grievances over losing their white collar jobs eg bankers to foreigners, taxes etc.  And their private dwellings are not dependent on town councils so they don't care whether Oppo MPs can run town councils well or not.  

Anyway, pap will win, the question is how many more seats will they lose.  They lost 6 out of 87 the last round, with 60% popular vote.  In the immediate aftermath of 2011, some projected that pap could lose up to 5 more GRCs if they did not change their approach.

Popular vote could fall from 2011's 60% bec Tanjong Pagar is now contested, although PAP will win there.  Oppo is asking people to vote in 20 MPs this time round, to effectively check PAP.  It is a strong strategic argument.  But PAP can count on many people to vote on their immediate vested interests.  

They've changed policies mostly for the better, and I think people are less angry w PAP.  But PAP is fighting great forces in this maturing society, like BN in Malaysia.  They've to run hard to stay in the same place.  But that may not be enough and they might slip a little.

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